One-stop Guide to Write Plagiarism-free Essays in Australia

Plagiarism has now become the recurrent problem in the world of academic writing. Although students are repetitively told to stay away from the vice of plagiarism, more than often they fall prey to this menace unconsciously. To avoid such grave mistakes, students should take expert and professional help. Wondering where to get avail help to write my essay plagiarism free? Read on to know more.

Plagiarism is copying or lifting any concept, idea, expression or even part of a written material from any pre published source without properly acknowledging the source. Plagiarism is a legal offence and considered as serious misconduct in the professional level. The students can take expert help and stop wondering, ‘how to write my essay plagiarism free.’

Students can write plagiarism free essays simply by trying to meaningfully rephrase the subject matter which is inspired from an already published work.  They should change the structure of the sentences completely by using synonyms and other phrases. A plagiarized work violates the copyright act. Plagiarism can result in serious consequences and the student may be suspended for the term if his work is found to be plagiarized. Australian universities have very strict anti-plagiarism policies in place and can even take back the admission letter given to the student if his works are found to be plagiarized.

Some predominant mistakes by students while writing their assignments

Experts have figured out a common pattern among students charged with plagiarism issues. It is hard to accept that students commit the crime of plagiarism knowingly. So according to the experts, if they avoid few basic and common mistakes, they will be successful in writing their essay completely free from plagiarism. The common mistakes are listed below:

  • In the maximum number of cases, the students are unaware of the concept of plagiarism. As a consequence, they often end up submitting other people’s work as their original work. If the students could be made aware about the danger that plagiarism poses, they will definitely mend their ways and write original work.
  • Students often have the bad habit of lifting unedited passages directly from the previously published work. This leads to plagiarism.
  • To make their essays authentic and in support of their viewpoint, students often uses extensive quotes without citing the author. This is another example of plagiarism.
  • Simple rephrasing each line or sentence without changing the basic tone or structure of the composition also leads to plagiarism.

There are many academic service providers available online who are popular for their plagiarism free assignments. The professional experts take immense pain to compose very high quality plagiarism free writings within the limited budget of the students.

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