The Perfect CDR Engineers Australia Sample

Competency demonstration report (CDR) is written by migrant engineers applying to Engineers Australia. They have to write three career episode reports (CERs) under it.

8 300x186 The Perfect CDR Engineers Australia Sample Purpose of writing a CDR

Through CDR writing, you need to demonstrate:

  • How you have applied your engineering knowledge and skills?
  • That your application meets the competency standards of the relevant occupational category in Australia.

What makes a CDR?

CDR is a package consisting of the following documents:

  • The application forms downloaded from Engineers Australia (EA) website
  • Declaration page required to be signed by the applicant, also available at EA website
  • Three career episodes describing the knowledge and experience of the applicant
  • Resume
  • Listing of continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Summary statements from the applicant
  • IELTS Results
  • Academic documents which should be certified by official translation agencies.

Presentation of CDR:

It is very important how you present your CDR. There are certain guidelines while writing a CDR. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Your CDR has to be printed in A4 paper, in English (of course)
  • The writing style should be narrative
  • You should use first person singular in your writing while describing your career episodes
  • You should focus on specific contribution you have made in your field, and describe in your words
  • While writing your career episodes, you also mention the date above the writing.

Each year, Engineers Australia (EA) website publishes a new set of requirements for migrant engineers. You can find those current requirements of coming years under the section of ‘Skilled Migration to Australia’.

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