Good Tips for Preparing CDR Report for Mechanical Engineer

Australia has a huge requirement for Mechanical engineers. You should be skilled in designing, organizing, operating and maintaining all the manufacturing activities. However, the first document that is needed for the engineers who are applying for jobs in Australia is the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). A CRD also involves the development of three Career Episode Reports (CERs).  This kind of report preparation is a time consuming procedure and requires undivided concentration. Hence, a CDR report for mechanical engineer should be prepared flawlessly.

Eligibility to apply for CDR

If you are trying to prepare a CDR, you must be of engineering or higher qualification degree. Relevant experience in one’s field may be required sometimes. Prior to applying for a job in Australia as a skilled migration engineer, you have to have your skills assessed for the specific post by a recognized authority. There are two ways by which your qualification can be recognized by the Australian government. You are eligible if you have graduated from universities of UK, Canada or USA. If you have not, then a CDR must be prepared. Simultaneously, you have to give a test on English language and score a minimum of 6.0 in the examination.

Basic outline of CDR  

In the CDR, you have to describe three projects that you have worked on. These can be categorized into career episodes. These projects should portray your technical skills and your expertise in selecting the suitable components for designs implementation. You can include projects where you have worked, solved problems and delivered the results on time. You can write of projects where you have diligently followed the company’s budget and schedule. In addition, you can include your suggested proposals to the problems that can arise in a mechanical engineer’s field. These projects should demonstrate your interpersonal skills with your colleagues, communicating skills with your clients and sincerity towards your work.

Prior to the beginning of each project/episode, there should be a brief description of your responsibilities in that role. Your career episode should have a proper introduction, background, personal engineering activity and summary. There is a specified word limit for each section. Introduction should have around 100 words, background of 200-500 words, personal engineering experience of 500-1000 words and summary of 50-100 words.  The introduction section will include the date, geographical location and your role in that project. The background will include the nature of the project and the objectives of the project. The personal engineering activity will depict your actual work in that project and summary will include your impression of that project. The structure and layout of your CDR should be clear so that the reader can easily comprehend it. It is recommended that you use sentences from the Competency Elements sections of the Migration Skills Assessment booklet for ease of your work.

Other documents that should be included in your CDR

The other documents that you will need along with the CDR are:

  • Your photograph sized 35mm x 45mm with the head and shoulders visible
  • Your main identification document
  • Your academic degree certificate
  • Your completed and official academic transcript ‘
  • Your resume
  • Your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test Report form
  • Your official documents stating change of name, if applicable
  • Your registration certificate under the appropriate licensing authority
  • Your employment papers depicting your past experience
  • Your list of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Your description and summary statement for your three career episodes under the nomination
  • If required, your documents should have their English translations

The assessment procedure

You will have to submit your application along with documents and fee. Post-submission, you will receive a receipt within five to seven days. Assessment will take up to 16 weeks from the date of receiving. If you pass the exam, you can apply for the visa.

CDR Australia for mechanical engineer is a crucial document that should be delivered without any errors. Many online services prepare this kind of documents. You can look at them. The above sections have given you a detailed view on the CDR procedure. At the time of applying for a job in Australia, you need to submit the CDR carefully and with a positive mind.

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